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Managed Training Services

Your Academy!

It is never easy or economically sustainable for companies to have an internal training department or to have expert trainers available to carry out contingent or special projects.

ISS International Academy offers a knowledge process outsourcing service that allows the Company to obtain all the benefits of a dedicated training department without incurring the costs.

  • We map the training needs of your Company through the identification of competence requirements, a Gap analysis and Training needs study.
  • We conceive and design training paths and the training documentation supply specifications.
  • We develop the training material
  • We take care of the internal communication and promotion of training projects.
  • We manage the entire training path, from planning the courses to registering participants, to logistics, to executing courses with our expert trainers, inclusive of the issuance of certificates of participation and reporting.
  • We verify the effectiveness of the training path and implement the relative improvement plan.

Having Your Own Academy will allow you to focus on your main activities while maintaining, effectively and efficiently, a high quality in the training processes of your collaborators.

Empower your Company!